Embrace three-dimensional teaching and empower your learners to step into their own learning journey.

Imagine your studentsintrinsically motivatedby their own curiosity to become learners, leaders, and scientists.


Science should be discovered.

Despite all our efforts, we can’t “talk” an education into a child.

Learning just doesn’t happen that way.

Every student is born with an innate curiosity that drives them to learn and grow through experience, exploration and discovery.

Let’s embrace that.

In fact, let’s empower it.

Where will your learning journey begin?

Find answers to your questions, lesson and learning inspiration, and implementation support in the resources below.

Bring Wonder Back

Intro To Three Dimensional Teaching

Dig Into The iExploreScience Blog


Phenomena are “things that happen.” How can we use these to spark curiosity and engage our learners in science discovery?

exploration + discovery

All learning starts with experience and develops through a reflection and meaning-making process. How do we guide exploration? How do we support students through the struggle?

student-driven learning

Learning unfolds as we ask a question, seek and find an answer, and uncover new questions and problems to investigate. How do we plan for and guide students through this learning process?

Hi there!

I'm Nicole VanTassel

I’m a teacher mentor, learning guide, curriculum creator, and the founder of iExploreScience.

I help middle school science teachers spark curiosity by engaging their students in real world, relevant science – so students are truly self-motivated by their own sense of wonder and ambition to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and problem solvers.

We don’t know what the future holds for our students, so the best thing we can do to prepare them is to give them their independence, build their confidence, and encourage and develop skills like flexibility, creativity, and critical reasoning

Spark Science

phenomenon-based curricula + on-demand professional learning


What are our teachers saying?

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing work you are doing! I finished up parent teacher conferences today and so many were impressed and excited about what is happening in my classroom. The kids are talking about science at home and are loving science!! ... My students are thriving. I have never had a class so engaged and learning at this level ever before!! Thank you for all you do!
Cadena P.
Middle School Teacher, South Dakota

The SOS System

Foundations Of Three Dimensional Teaching

Build your classroom on a foundation of curiosity and internal drive, learning partnerships, and student empowerment. Create flow and ease, while bringing joy back into education, through co-constructed NGSS storylines.

Let'sdo thistogether.

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