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Hi there!
I'm Nicole VanTassel

I am the founder and CEO of iExploreScience. What began as a passion-fueled venture into curriculum development evolved into a lifelong mission to provide high quality, flexible professional development to teachers struggling to transition to three dimensional instruction with the NGSS. iExplore Academy was created to fill the gap that currently exists between the adoption of three dimensional state standards and the implementation of these standards in the classroom. 

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Intro To The NGSS

What does science discovery really look like in an NGSS classroom?

Embrace discovery. Learn how to:

tailor your content to truly align to the standards

shift your focus when it comes to science education

transform your instruction to embody the three dimensions

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iExplore Academy

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Our professional development program walks you through each step of NGSS implementation through three-dimensional, discovery-based learning without the confusion and overwhelm.

Enroll for the training, stay for the community -- our opportunities to connect and collaborate make it easier than ever to apply what you've learned, troubleshoot the challenges, and get the feedback you need. 

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