When I first started this site, my goal was to provide NGSS-aligned curriculum and instructional materials, plus some teaching ideas, to science teachers who were struggling to find resources that were truly aligned to the standards.

As our Facebook community grew and I interacted with more and more teachers, I realized that what everyone really needs is the training to create NGSS-aligned curriculum and resources for their own classrooms.  We are all teaching so many different subjects, grades, and standards — there was no way I could help everyone by just creating resources.

So I started exploring the idea of providing training on the NGSS, and last night, I did my first online workshop — Conceptual Shifts: The New Science Mindset.  If you would like to see the replay, click here. That said, one hour of time is just a drop in the bucket, and many teachers may be looking for additional training and guidance.

Enter Science Teacher Tribe and the NGSS Your Science Class course, launching August 1.

If you are in the thick of implementing NGSS in your own science class and are looking for support in the transition, the NGSS Your Science Class course may be for you.  In addition to 12 weeks of lessons, the course also includes complete access to the Science Teacher Tribe community and growing library of NGSS-aligned resources.

Course topics include: bundling standards; creating storylines; choosing anchoring phenomena; using performance expectations to create assessment tasks; three dimensional learning; deep dives into the 5E Model; formative assessments; content literacy strategies and writing in the science classroom; and differentiating for all learners. 

Course material will be presented through a weekly video workshop, accompanying resources for planning and classroom use, a weekly virtual PLC meeting where we can actually interact face-to-face, and personal feedback on the units, lessons, and instructional materials you develop.

Check out the course and Science Teacher Tribe here. Keep in mind, the resource library is growing and will include all of the resources currently available at my TeachersPayTeachers store by August 1 – plus additional resources that are currently in the works. And don’t delay too long – membership pricing will increase as the library grows.

If you have questions about the growing content (topics, disciplines, grade levels), please email me at nvantassel@iexplorescience.com and I can let you know if my resources would be a good fit for your classroom.

Likewise, if you have questions about group pricing for the course or site for your science teachers at the school or district level, please contact me at nvantassel@iexplorescience.com.