Announcing: The Teaching Science In 3D Podcast!

Hey there!

Did you hear!? I’ve teamed up with Erin Sadler from Sadler Science to create an awesome podcast all about the NGSS! We have been hard at work this summer, recording episodes, interviewing guests, and figuring out all this podcast stuff… to bring you the Teaching Science In 3D podcast this fall!

We are launching our FIRST THREE EPISODES on September 2, so we hope you will check them out! Be sure to mark your calendar, check us out on Instagram, or join the NGSS For Middle and High School Science Teachers Facebook group to stay up to date on our launch and the release of new podcast episodes!

So where can you find us?

Connect with us at the links below so you don’t miss a thing!

Instagram: Sadler Science

Instagram: iExploreScience

Kickstart Aha!

What does science discovery REALLY look like?

(10 Minutes x 4 Days) + 4 Guides = 

Everything you need to launch your NGSS journey! 

Facebook Group: NGSS For Middle And High School Science Teachers