S01E03 How To Implement The NGSS Today

In this solo episode, I talk about some quick ways you can start implementing the NGSS today.  And we aren’t getting caught up in all the jargon, all the new terminology here.  This episode is all about some basic changes you can make to how you approach your content, structure your units, and design your instruction to truly embody the intent of the NGSS. If you are looking for a few ways to implement the Next Generation Science Standards without getting sucked into reading Evidence Statements, outlining Crosscutting Concepts, or making drastic changes to your curriculum, check out this episode to get you going in the right direction!

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And you can learn more about implementing NGSS-style instruction in the totally free, 5 day mini-course: Intro To The NGSS.  This series of quick workshops is delivered right to your inbox and includes some awesome bonus resources to help you launch your journey and figure out what the NGSS really means for you and your classroom! Click here to register!