In this episode, Nicole VanTassel of iExploreScience talks with Dana Skillman – an NGSS teacher and member of the Science Teacher Tribe – about the importance of building strong relationships in your NGSS classroom.  Get the scoop on why it’s important — and more importantly, how to do it — from a teacher-expert in this episode.

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Show Notes

Resources Referenced:>> Dana Skillman on Instagram>> Science Teacher Tribe Course + CommunityLearn more…>> Check out Nicole’s blog and resources at iExploreScience!>> Check out Erin’s blog and resources at SadlerScience!>> Enroll in the free, 5-day mini-course that will help you get a grip on the new standards – Intro To The NGSS!>> Looking for a full, step-by-step guide to “NGSSing” your science class? Check out the Science Teacher Tribe Course + Community professional development program!