A Quick Way To Keep Students Organized During NGSS Remote Learning

Trouble Keeping Students Organized During Virtual or Hybrid Learning?

It’s easy to lose that “storyline feel” of your NGSS units when you’re teaching virtually or with a hybrid schedule, just because of the disconnectedness of being online and not always seeing your students on a daily schedule.


When you aren’t seeing your students face to face each and every day, it can be hard to keep that continuity feel. Heck, it can even be hard on a typical block schedule when you see your students every other day.


Your students need to realize and internalize that the activities they are doing are not isolated — they are taking part in long-term investigations.  In the classroom, you might spend a few minutes talking about how things connect before beginning an activity or while wrapping up class at the end of the day. But how do you do that in a virtual classroom?


In this pop-up training from the NGSS For Middle and High School Science Teachers Facebook Group, I discussed the importance of keeping continuity and also its challenges. More importantly, I provided a concrete means to actually help students develop connections between your lessons to keep that continuity and “storyline feel” we are always looking for with our NGSS lessons and units.


Dive into the training below!