Hi, I’m Nicole!

I help dedicated science teachers who are struggling with disengaged students revolutionize their approach to science instruction so that their students are ready to step up and become 21st century learners.

The reality is, our education system and our instructional strategies aren’t working for most of our students. They don’t see themselves or their interests in our content, in our curriculum, or in our standards. And what isn’t relevant isn’t engaging.

So we see students with heads-down on the table or acting out in class. We see absences, late and missing work, or an absence-of-all-effort. We say, “my students just don’t care!” And we struggle to find the reasons why.

Science instruction needs to change.

For so long, we have been “teaching as telling” — through lecture and notes, texts, videos — it’s all different forms of the same process. And we now know, learning just doesn’t happen that way.


I’m excited you’re on this journey, and I want to help you get where you want to be.