How To Anchor:

Bringing Relevant NGSS To Your Science Classroom

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How many times have you answered the question, "Why are we learning this?"  Ready to never hear that question again?

You're invited to join us for this week-long virtual learning opportunity. 

By the time we're done, you'll walk away knowing...

  • the foundation all relevant science instruction is built on
  • how to frame your unit so your students want to "puzzle it out"
  • what you can do to ensure long-lasting engagement

Enroll in How To Anchor to transform ​your textbook science into relevant and responsive NGSS storylines that truly engage and connect to your student communities.

Wondering about the time? Here's the great part - it doesn't matter! While the final workshop will be held at 3:00PM EST on Thursday, June 25th, you can access all other trainings at your convenience.

This program offers the flexibility to do what works for you

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