NGSS Storylines Bootcamp:

How To Create Cohesive Lessons To Engage Your Students

*July 27-31, 2020*

Join us for this exclusive three day virtual training. By the time we're done, you'll walk away...

  • understanding what a storyline really looks like. (And nope, it's not just your old lessons reordered!) 
  • with a basic storyline for your classroom you've created all on your own AND the skills to do it again! (Lessons designed to engage your students and meet your needs.)
  • with a stronger understanding of how to truly teach in three dimensions AND the know-how to put them into practice every day(We'll cut through the confusion and help you integrate it all.)

Enroll in the NGSS Storylines Bootcamp to get all of the resources an support you need to create your simple NGSS storylines!

Wondering about the time? Here's the great part - it doesn't matter! While the final workshop will be held at 12:00PM EST on Friday, July 31, you can access all other trainings at your convenience.

This program offers the flexibility to do what works for you.

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