Be Curious Community

Reimagine science learning and reignite your passion for teaching.

You know there is more to science class than textbook facts and recipe book labs.

As a middle and high school science teacher, I struggled with student engagement. I wondered why my students didn’t seem to care? Why weren’t they curious? Why didn’t they get how cool this stuff really was!?

I burnt myself out with late nights of lesson planning, endless grades to “hold students accountable,” and long days in class as I fought to keep their attention, stretch their motivation, and push my students to learn.

I didn’t realize there was a path with less resistance.


Your students can be curious. — You just have to cultivate it.

Motivation doesn’t have to be a mystery. — You just have to shift ownership.

Lighting the fire for your students doesn’t mean you have to burn with it. — With guidance, connection, and resources, it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Be Curious Community Cohorts were created for you — to provide you with the knowledge and support to reimagine teaching in your classroom in a way that allows learning to flow.

By connecting with a community of other teachers who “get it,” taking time each week to learn and grow together, you can care for your own passion for teaching and your students’ love for science learning.

Together, we will:

Are you looking for a community for inspiration, connection, and collaboration?

"Joining [the iExploreScience] community has been the best professional development I have ever done! I have learned so much about the NGSS and how to implement them in my classroom. I have been able to shift the way I teach to the point that my students don't even know they are learning... My kids love it... I have really been able to transform things "we have always done" into the NGSS way."
Mercedes G.
Middle School Teacher, Wisconsin

By being part of a cohort, you will create afoundation of science explorationin a community of like-minded teachers for support and connection. We are all working together to inspire the next generation of science learners and leaders.

Our education system needs to change... and it starts with you.

Are you ready to embrace a new world of teaching that brings you more ease and satisfaction — and ultimately transforms the way your students learn science?

I am Project Lead The Way certified, have a reading endorsement, and nothing has come close to what I am learning [through Nicole] and [in this] community. This has been the absolute best professional development I have ever participated in. My students are more engaged and thriving with the implementation of the 5E model and NGSS. Students are being challenged to be critical thinkers, engaged learners and effective communicators. They are now looking at the world and asking, "I wonder...." or "I noticed.." They are curious about the world around them. I am excited about the progress that my students are showing, and yes, we are virtual as well! The community support is valuable as I can bounce ideas off teachers from around the world and provide support to them as well…
Debbie J.
Middle School Teacher, Ohio

What IsIncluded?

Program Dates: September 20, 2021 - January 15, 2022
Program Cost: $1297/participating teacher

Cultivating CuriosityWorkshopSeries

Lessons 1-4: How can I get my students excited?


Rethinking Science Instruction


Relationships As The Basis For Learning


Capturing Interest With Phenomena


Sustaining Curiosity Through Relevant Science Teaching

Lessons 5-6:How can I shift ownership of the learning in my classroom from me to my students?


Supporting Exploration


Guiding Discovery

Lessons 7-8:How can I make learning stick?


From Students To Scientists


Determining What Your Students Have Learned

I invite you to be a part of a cohort that supports you.

The way Nicole has presented the material has clicked with me more than any other resource I have found so far.
Kim G.
High School Teacher, Illinois


Foundations of Authentic Engagement on-demandworkshop

Understand the brain science behind three dimensional teaching and learning:


Simply Science: Curiosity Driven Storylineson-demandworkshop

Get the basics you need to construct science units and storylines that bring real, relevant science learning to life for your students.



Enjoy six months access to the Spark Subscription.

Creating a community is about more than just showing up together each week. It’s about knowing each other, our classrooms and students, our expertise and struggles. For that reason, cohort groups will be capped at 6 teachers.

Grab your spot now before your cohort fills.