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Whether driven there by a natural disaster, a pandemic, or simply to meet the needs of an individual student, you might find yourself teaching in a virtual capacity. The inclination in this type of situation might be to simply provide “packets” of texts to read or links to videos for students to watch. While these strategies can be a part of your virtual lessons (and are perfectly fine for the one or two snow days), we can’t abandon exploration and discovery approaches just because we are not meeting in person. Students can “figure it out” in virtual settings just as well as they can in typical classrooms when they are given the right support.

In this workshop, we’re going to first discuss some ways to adapt classroom explorations for online settings. Then, we’re going to discuss some of the challenges that online learning poses for middle and high school students and identify some approaches you might use to overcome those challenges.

PS: This LIVE workshop experienced a few minor tech glitches and was briefly "crashed" by my glitter-seeking-four-year old. #momlife #whoforgottoshutthebabygate Thank you for your patience with these minor interruptions!

A GOOGLE DOCUMENT with the referenced materials can be found here!

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