How To Use The NGSS Evidence Statements

How can I use the Evidence Statements to develop NGSS-aligned lessons?

utilizing the NGSS evidence statementsHave you ever wondered, “What the heck am I supposed to teach!?” I’ve totally been there.  The NGSS is simply HARD TO UNDERSTAND. They’re kind of vague… and that’s also kind of the point.  They outline what students should do to demonstrate their understanding of some BIG ideas in science… but they don’t give you a whole lot on the details of what constitutes “demonstrating the understanding of that big idea.”

In actuality, the creators of the NGSS gave you a little more help than what’s there on the surface, though! They created the Evidence Statements. These statements break down what students have to be able to know and do for the assessment.  The Evidence Statements typically provide some examples of content students may refer to, as well.

Anytime I am working on a unit, my FIRST stop is the Evidence Statements for the standards I’m trying to address. Working from there, I can figure out what my content (my examples, facts, phenomena) needs to look like in order for students to carry out the Performance Expectation.

Breaking down the Evidence Statements can sometimes be tricky, especially if you are working to address several standards within one unit (which you should be!!!).  If you want to learn more about this process — and utilizing the NGSS as a whole — be sure to check out the Intro To The NGSS mini-course — totally free, delivered by email, and completed at your own pace! Participants receive my Evidence Statement Breakdown Organizer among other guides and goodies! Enroll here!