Are your students engaged and motivated science learners?

Now is the time to elevate your science program.

Groundbreaker Program

Three Dimensional Learning Leader Development

Bring three dimensional learning and discovery

for the NGSS to your school and district.

Adopting the Next Generation Science Standards

is about more than changing content

Are your teachers ready to...?

> radically rethink their science instruction?

> revamp the way they approach science content?

> meet the three dimensional demands of the NGSS?

Program Outcomes

Become a leader in your science community.

Master the process of NGSS-aligned curriculum design.

You will learn how to identify and create NGSS-aligned curriculum and resources to meet the needs of your specific student body. 

Understand and implement systems to teach, utilize, and assess NGSS-aligned instructional strategies.

You will understand what the NGSS means for your classroom and your instruction and utilize systems to make planning a step-by-step breeze.  Then, you will learn how to share those systems with colleagues to truly transform your entire science program. 

Develop a customized professional development plan for your school or district to truly bring "home" your learning.

Knowing how to support and lead your colleagues to three dimensional instruction is just the start. You need an action plan.  With input from your school/district, you will develop a professional development plan built for your community's needs.

Receive ongoing support and opportunities for advanced learning through iExplore Academy.

Studies show a minimum of 20 hours of professional development is necessary to enact true change in instruction and student outcomes. It's clear that ongoing learning and support is a must. For that reason, our work with you doesn't end when the course ends. 

"iExploreScience is an AMAZING professional development program. I have learned so much about the NGSS and how to implement them in my classroom... Joining this community has been the best professional development I have ever done!"

Mercedes G. - Middle School Science Teacher, Wisconsin

Prepare yourself to lead workshops next year, instead of fall asleep at them.

The Groundbreaker Three Dimensional Learning Leader Development Program was designed for teachers who are ready to embrace expert status in their schools and then pass on that mastery to those around them.

You are a professional. You are an expert. It's time to step up and serve your community.

You are the catalyst for change in your science program.

What's stopping you?

You know there's a better way to teach science. You know something needs to change.  Let us help you understand what that something is, and use that knowledge to truly transform your science program. 

Enthusiasm, a willingness to embrace new pedagogies, and the readiness to step into your authority - that's all you need.

Teachers Love iExplore Science


I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing work you are doing! My students are thriving. I have never had a class so engaged and learning at this level ever before!! Thank you for all you do!

Cadena P. 

Middle School Teacher, South Dakota


...the way Nicole has presented the material has clicked with me more than any other resource I have found so far.

Kim G.

High School Science Teacher, Illinois


After trying to reach out to neighboring districts and coming up empty, I stumbled upon her page and have never looked back. My classroom teaching is so much better in just the few months I've been working with iExploreScience. Nicole is outstanding at tweaking my ideas... It's helpful to have someone in my corner to plan, bounce ideas off of, and reflect with.

Mariah R.

High School Science Teacher, Kansas

Program Details

July 7, 2020 - September 8, 2020

Explore To AHA! Distance Learning Course

July 7 - September 8, 2020

Get ready to transform your own classroom instruction to create engaged science learners ready to master your science curriculum.

This 11 week, distance-learning course will walk you and your team through designing an NGSS-aligned curriculum that is built on discovery and exploration based learning strategies. From bundling your standards, choosing your phenomena, and crafting your storylines, you will develop the structure of your NGSS units. Then, you will explore how to engage students in three dimensional instruction to guide discovery and develop true conceptual understanding in your students.  

Master the art of three dimensional curriculum design from the very first engagement to the very last evaluation. The course will address the core concepts of curriculum design and instructional implementation through the lens of developing student, parent, and teacher buy-in.

Capstone projects include your course curriculum map and a complete three dimensional unit. 

Stepping Into Your Authority As A Teacher Leader

September 4-6, 2020

Grow into your leadership role and prepare yourself to elevate science instruction beyond your classroom walls.

Now that you have mastered the material yourself, you are ready to step up as a teacher leader and transform your science program. Private and small group mentoring and training sessions over the course of these three days will focus on your development as a leader in your community by giving you the opportunity to learn, practice, and plan.  You will

  • learn and utilize best practices and research-based strategies to support and lead your professional community to a science education program designed for the 21st century.
  • take the reins to develop a customized program built on the structure of your school/district and the strengths of your colleagues. 
  • collaborate with program participants and expert guests to ensure optimal program design.

Program Bonuses

1. All participants will receive ongoing, individual support from iExploreScience for up to one year from the course start date. This includes full access to iExplore Academy courses, tools, the community, and storyline resources. 

2. Participants also receive a Three Dimensional Learning Teacher Leader Certificate documenting 65 hours of coursework. Note: It is up to the sponsoring district to provide the state-approved continuing education credits.

3. Finally, each teacher leader has the opportunity to bring on up to two teammates to participate in the curriculum design and professional development planning process.  These teachers receive complementary access to iExplore Academy and all of its resources.

Program Cost

Early Bird Application & Registration (Before May 31): $1575

Regular Application & Registration (Before June 30): $1975

All teachers are encouraged to seek funding and approval from their school/district before participating in the program. Understandably, district input is necessary to fully carry out the development and implementation of a customized professional development program by the teacher leader upon completion of the program. 

nicole vantassel
Meet Your Instructor
Nicole VanTassel

Nicole VanTassel is the founder and CEO of iExploreScience. What began as a venture into curriculum development evolved into a mission to provide high quality, flexible professional development to teachers struggling to transition to the NGSS. iExplore Academy was created to fill the gap that currently exists between the adoption of three dimensional state standards and the implementation of these standards in the classroom. 

Ms. VanTassel received her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction in 2012, taught in diverse middle and high school classrooms, and has been providing professional development services since 2018.  She is the recipient of several awards from organizations like the National Science Teaching Association and the Pennsylvania Science Teachers Association. She currently serves on the Pennsylvania Science Teachers Association Board as the Professional Development Committee Chair.

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