April 2021

Why This?: Crafting Anchored Science Experiences

Ready to excite your students with real and relevant science learning? Learn more in this month's free workshop.

April 11, 2021

12:00PM EST // 9:00AM PST

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Learn From My Mistakes

When I started down the journey toward student-owned science teaching, phenomena wasn’t actually on my radar. I just didn’t “get it.”

My content (primarily Earth and Space and Life Science) didn’t seem to lend well to the “flash bang” demonstrations I saw again and again when the word “phenomena” was mentioned. I thought it wasn’t for me.

 I was so mistaken!

While the “flash bang” hooks still aren’t my cup of tea, phenomena are fundamental to real, relevant science — and your student-owned science classroom.

I hope you will join me in this free workshop, where I’ll share what I have learned about creating truly rooted science experiences with real-world phenomena. I made so many mistakes along the way – here’s to hoping you can learn from my errors and skip over a few of them!