NGSS Support For Science Teachers

Science Teacher Tribe: The Support You Need To Tackle The NGSS

Work smarter, not harder.

If you’re like most teachers, the prep time you have is not the prep time you need. You’re spending your nights grading papers and your weekends writing lesson plans.  You’re missing out on your friends, your family, your summer break – your time. Despite all this work, you never seem to get ahead.  There’s always another lesson to plan, another paper to grade, another parent to call. And now you’re dealing with an entirely new set of standards, new expectations, new curriculum, new challenges — and no support.

Real talk. It doesn’t need to be that way.  You can find quality, NGSS-aligned lessons. You can find resources that will walk you through the process. You can find teachers who are here to help.

Imagine instead…

You’re teaching MS-LS2-1, and you realize you need an extra data set for your assessment. You could spend a few hours on Google, searching for the right data table or graph. But instead, you head over to the Science Teacher Tribe Library, enter your search, and BAM. Not only do you have a data set for students to analyze, you have additional worksheets to walk students through the process, questions to assess their understanding, and a rubric to grade their responses. 


After a walk-through, your administrator mentions they’d like to see a greater emphasis on science practices in your instruction. Uh oh! You could spend hours searching blog posts and Pinterest for disjointed, one-off projects that may or may not align with your curriculum… or you can head over to the Science Teacher Tribe Trainings and learn how to incorporate them easily into your own lessons on a daily basis.  Plus you can download some resources to get started right away! Your administrator is happy, you’re relieved, and your students benefit.

You can keep doing what you’re doing, sinking in standards and instruction — or you can change course and get the guidance you need.


Making Teachers Life easier…

We want to help you navigate the NGSS to develop higher-quality lessons and instructional sequences that truly engage your students, promote greater conceptual understanding, and improve student outcomes. And when you don’t have time to develop those lessons yourself, we want to give you ours. We love working with the standards, designing curriculum and instructional materials, and we love working with teachers, helping them to do so, too. We want to help you.