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This program is designed to help you put into practice the foundations of your student-owned science classroom.

Establish (or re-establish) the building blocks of a classroom where students are empowered to own their learning from the first spark of curiosity to their ultimate “aha!” moment.


Cultivating Curiosity is a great teacher reboot to review and reflect on the fundamental shifts in NGSS-style instruction. It’s not an overload of content but rather, an opportunity to explore our thinking and consider a few strategies to better embody a three-dimensional, student-owned science approach!


Authentic engagement is the foundation for all true learning. We can talk at our students, we can assign work, and we can issue consequences for failing to comply… but we can’t actually make our students learn. We can’t make them think.

Learning is a two-person job… and it requires the active engagement of the learner. So how do we get that active engagement?

In the Amplify Authentic Engagement workshop series, we will be exploring the basics of engaging and motivating our students to become self-driven learners in order to set the stage for the transition to a more student-owned science experience.


Reimagine science instruction and empower your students to own their three-dimensional learning.

Spark Science provides access to all iExploreScience workshops AND curricular materials through quarterly and annual membership options.


Collaborate 1:1 Planning Partnerships were designed for the educator seeking a real person to guide their learning journey. Making the shift to phenomenon-focused instruction built on exploration and discovery isn’t easy, and it’s even harder when you’re trying to do it alone. Through the term of enrollment, includes private collaborative planning sessions to develop your instructional plans and improve your teaching practice, access to available live and on-demand workshops, and complimentary access to all Spark Curriculum Collection resources. Partnership Plans start at $247.


Do you have a group of science educators ready to take their teaching to the next level? Let’s work together to customize a program just right for their needs. Engaging learners with authentic phenomena? Understanding the foundations of guiding exploration and discovery? Developing student-driven instructional sequences? Crafting assessments to evaluate student progress and learning? My School and District Programs are designed to meet your needs. Fees vary.


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