Joy List: Find Summer Joy In The Big And Small

Sometimes, we can become so disconnected from ourselves that even identifying the things – big and small – that bring us joy and fulfillment can be a challenge. Taking time to consider what “fills your cup” in this moment of your life is the next step in prioritizing joy and self-care, and reflecting on your Joy List can help you bring more awareness to small moments of peace and ease in your life.

Intentional Teach Project

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It’s time to consider all the things – big and small –  that bring you joy in this season of your life! Learn what a Joy List is, how you might go about creating yours, and explore how you can make your Joy List work for this season of your life.

If you have trouble settling into your school breaks, vacations, or even off-time hours, you might be in the same boat as me. The Summer Joy Experiment is my exploration into easing the transition from work hours to free time hours and intentionally integrating more self-care into my schedule. Discover “step three” in my experiment in this episode!

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