The Step You Can’t Skip Planning Your Next NGSS Storyline

When you embrace exploration and discovery in your science classroom, you’ll find learning just takes more time. There’s no way around it.

Students need time to figure things out. While this shift ultimately leads to better, deeper, and longer-lasting understanding, it doesn’t change the fact that… exploration eats up your classroom time. And you still have your standards to “get through,” right?

So what do you do?

Bundle your standards.

In this video training from the NGSS For Middle And High School Science Teachers Facebook Group, we break down:

  • why “chapter by chapter” teaching is failing you
  • how the NGSS are meant to be taught
  • why bundling is the only way to truly focus on phenomena
  • how to get started with bundling the standards



Where can you learn more?

Bundling The Standards: The First Step

Example NGSS Bundles