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Kickstart Aha!

What does science discovery really look like in an NGSS classroom?

Embrace discovery. Learn how to:

tailor your content to truly align to the standards

shift your focus when it comes to science education

transform your instruction to embody the three dimensions


iExplore Academy

It's time to engage your students in science discovery with the NGSS, but you're just not sure how to get there.

iExplore Academy is a professional development program designed to walk you through a classroom transformation that will lead your students from engagement to exploration to true scientific discovery. 

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Customized Programs

iExploreScience offers professional development tailored to the individual needs of schools and districts. This PD can be provided in a number of formats, including engaging presentation-style workshops (live or virtual), simulation lesson workshops, guided "plan and prep" sessions, curriculum development work, and individual coaching in the classroom.

iExploreScience professional development programs focus on NGSS-style learning, discovery-based instruction, three-dimensional integration, and using the 5E Model. Within these broad topics, programs can be tailored to the needs of the school.


Personalized Science Coaching

Personalized, Private Instructional Coaching

Cut through the confusion and get all of your most pertinent questions answered in a productive one-hour video call. This PD is driven by you -- entirely designed to meet your needs. Need help developing your curriculum?  Stuck in the lesson-design process? Struggling with three dimensional learning? Not quite getting how to use exploration and discovery? Let's chat.

No more questions. Only answers.

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